Published On: February 16th, 2023

The 6 Secrets of Making a Good Portable Power Station

Do not make the error of assuming that a good portable power station just depends on its capacity and output power; consider the following 6 aspects to be indicators is also important:

1.If the product can charge and discharge simultaneously, we can use the power station more efficiently. You may actually create a free electricity cycle and save a lot of money if you can use solar charging while powering other devices.

2. Wireless charging function. Cell phones are the most widely used electronic devices. Wireless charging enables you to leave your phone on it while it is not in use, ensuring that it is fully charged whenever you need it. It also helps you avoid accidently losing the phone’s charging cable outside.

3. Features a foldable handle for improved portability and ease of carrying. When the handle is folded, you can place your belongings on top of it.

4. Possess Type-C port and USB connector, with PD60W, QC3.0 quick charging module. Not only to cope with the current variety of interfaces, charging speed should also be upgraded.

5. Real-time LED display of output power, remaining power, use duration, and which port is open. Each of them is required, and each one enables the user to view the power station’s present condition.

6. Better have LED lights. More light at night outside gives one a greater sense of security. Like ENERNOVA S300 and S500, there are three light modes (strong light, low light, SOS flash). Can draw attention to you in an emergency.


After extensive factories and R & D team selections, our Smart series, which has a wide range of capacities and satisfies all the aforementioned qualities, demonstrates ENERNOVA’s commitment to the production of high-quality and feature-rich portable power stations.

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