Published On: February 16th, 2023

Find the best portable power station with these 4 questions

Are you having trouble deciding which solar generator to buy because of the various brands and capacities available? Here, we’ll provide you with some alternative suggestions so you won’t have to worry about calculating the wattage of your appliances; instead, you can find the best option for you by responding to the following 4 questions.

Question 1:
If yes, please go to question 2

Question 2:
If it happens more frequently than once per week, pick the portable power source with the highest capacity that falls within your acceptable weight and price range, so that even if you forget or are too lazy to charge it when you get home from your last trip, there will still be enough power to support this journey.

If not,a model with a medium capacity and about 500w output would be best for you. Because we are accustomed to relying on a variety of electronic devices for city life and because occasional outdoor activities may involve numerous scenes requiring electricity, it is not advised to choose a small power product. Instead, choosing a relatively lightweight product to meet the needs of outdoor power is the best choice.

Question 3:
If yes, then choose the power supply with the largest capacity within your acceptable weight and price range, because usually these power tools consume a lot of power or are used for a long time and need a large capacity energy storage device to drive.
If no, please go to question 4

Question 4:
If yes,then choosing a small unit with a capacity of about 300wh is the best solution, you must make sure that it is less than 8lbs in weight, has emergency lights, and is lighter in size. Because if there is a disaster situation, it must be portable and provide three days’ worth of computer and cell phone charging. Emergency lights can help rescue personnel locate you right away.

If none of the above, please estimate the frequency of your use.
If it is higher than once a week, please choose the power bank with the largest capacity within the weight and price range you can accept.
If it is used once every 2-3 weeks, then a medium-sized capacity of about 500wh should be able to meet your needs.
If you only use it once a month or less, and the expected use of equipment power below 300w, then a small unit of about 300wh is a good choice.

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