Published On: April 18th, 2023

How to choose a portable power station for camping

If you want to buy a portable power station for camping or outdoor activities, but there are too many different brands and powers on the market and don’t know how to choose, then here are 6 key points that can provide you with some useful suggestions.

1. Choose lithium iron phosphate batteries

Lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4) is very safe, has a high power of charge and discharge characteristics, and long life. Lithium iron phosphate chemical stability, high-temperature stability, only the temperature reaches 700-800 ℃ will begin to decompose, and if it faces impact, pinprick, short circuit will not release oxygen molecules, avoid combustion, the safety performance is high.

2. Choose suitable watts

The greater the power, the more electronic devices that can be powered, and the more outdoor activities you can do. For example, the projector is 100w rated power, to drive the projector you need to buy at least 100w or over 100w power station. If you want to use the induction cooker will need at least 1000w. It depends on what appliance you want to bring to the camping area. Here are some power references for each appliance, you can find these parameters in the product body or instructions.

Laptop: about 87w

Projector: about 100w

Drone: 65w

Small fan: 10w

Car vacuum cleaner: 80w

Car refrigerator: 50w

Induction cooker: 800~2000w

Electric oven: 1000~3000w

Enernova smart series has 300w, 500w, and 1000w models, which can meet your various needs at camping.

Smart PEP-S1000 Portable Power Station-1

3. Good portability

If you do not just want to use the portable power station as an emergency power supply and leave it at home all the time, then good portability is the most important thing in selecting camping used portable power station. You can choose to have a handle or with wheels, the volume is better not too large, so that wherever you go can be enough position can be placed it.

4. Adapted to the voltage in your area

If your area is 110v rated voltage, then the 220v portable power station can not be used.

5. Look at the charging method

Almost all mainstream portable power stations can be charged by outlets, car chargers, and solar panels for themselves, choose these charging methods complete products, you can ensure sufficient power supply at any time. If you are driving to camping then the car charger is essential, if your camping day is sunny, do not miss the opportunity to use solar power to enjoy free electricity, but please note that the solar panels are needed to buy extra.

6. Some bonus features

At night outdoors, the light source can bring sense of security, you can choose the product with LED lights, some with SOS flashing lights, such as Enernova’s Smart series, which can help you deal with some emergencies.

Support wireless charging, just place the phone on the top, easily prevent the trouble of not bringing a charging cable during camping.


With these key points, you may get some opinions to select a good portable power station for your camping, now go get one and start your outdoor life!


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