Published On: April 18th, 2023

How To Pick A Portable Power Station And What Are Their Important Indicators?

Depending on the capacity and power, the most expensive have more than 4,000 USD-6,000 USD the cheapest also have less than 1,000, so you can say, as long as you want one, there are a lot of price options you can choose. Portable power station is an energy storage power supply with a built-in lithium-ion battery and its own reserve power. Whether it is outdoor camping, friends gathering or outdoor shooting, or other activities, you can use them to supply your equipment. And most of them can be charged by solar energy so that is a really environment-friendly choice.


There are 3 main ways to charge: home electric charging, car 12v charging, and solar charging, of which solar charging needs to buy additional solar panels, if it is a long-distance driving trip, then pick one that has car charging is best.

The capacity and output watts determine what appliances you use and how long you can use them, for example, if you buy a 1000wh capacity, 1000w AC output portable power station, then you can only use the power of less than 1000w appliances, such as mini fan and mini cooler. If you use a 500w rice cooker, 1000wh/500w = 2h, then you can cook for 2 hours, and induction cookers can not be carried. The higher the output watts, the price is also exponentially higher.


Whether you are an outdoor traveler or camping enthusiast, or just want to use it as an emergency power backup, it is necessary to choose a suitable portable power station. Enernova portable power stations have 3 different models: the PEP-S300 with 296wh capacity and 300w output, PEP-S500 with 515wh capacity and 500w output, PEP-S1000 with 1166.4wh capacity and 1000w output. The price range 300USD to 1000USD, and will have a BIG DISCOUNT when we launch, very cost-effective. Please stay tuned!



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