ETA-PRO Portable Power Station

1200W ETA-PRO Portable Power Station is powered by an upgraded Lithium Iron Phosphate (Li-FePO4) battery that provides 2500+ cycles of life to 80% capacity. Equipped with a 1050Wh high-capacity battery, this product is perfect for camping, adventure, rescue, fishing, photography, outdoor festivals, outdoor projects and other outdoor activities.
– High safety standard LiFePO4 battery
– High-capacity power supply
– Multi-function port options
– Wider compatibility More power


1500W Output Power, Power 11 devices at once

More than enough outlets for all your devices, unlocking unlimited potential

1.5 Hour to Charge, 1 Day to Power

The highly efficient charging rate ensures the battery can be fully loaded shortly. With only one single charge, ETA Pro is capable of delivering extended battery life to feed up your essentials at home or in the wild.

Ready for Emergencies

Use as an EPS (emergency power supply) to auto-switch to battery power when the grid goes down. Great for blackouts to keep your essentials running. Get non-stop reliable power with a switchover time of less than 30ms.

Power Pretty Much Anything

ENERNOVA equips ETA Pro with 1,200W constant output power and 1,050Wh capacity to cover most power demands. It also has a Power Lifting Mode that delivers 1,500W output to run high-powered devices effortlessly. A wide range of outputs, including AC outlet, USB-A, USB-C, 12V DC outlet, and wireless charging pad, are built for versatile charging for living off-grid or on the go.

Go Green, Live Sustainable

Power your fun with unlimited solar energy. ETA Pro provides a perfect solution to save energy consumption while reducing our budgets. The max 400W solar input allows ETA Pro to be fully charged within just 3.5 hours on a sunny day, making it highly efficient to access renewable energy.