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  • Supporting for multiple communications and matching of multiple inverter communications
  • Covering the 10-25kWh capacity range
  • Supporting parallel and expansion
  • Clean design and convenient installation

Technical Specifications

Model ENRS-BS10000 ENRS-BS15000 ENRS-BS20000 ENRS-BS25000
Nominal voltage 204.8V(64series) 307.2V(96series) 409.6V(128series) 512V(160series)
Capacity 50Ah 50Ah 50Ah 50Ah
Energy 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh 25kWh
Internal resistance ≤80mΩ ≤100mΩ ≤120mΩ ≤150mΩ
Cycle life ≥5000 cycles @80%DOD,25℃,0.5C
≥4000 cycles @80%DOD,40℃,0.5C
Design life ≥10 years
End-of-charge voltage 228V±2V 340V±2V 450V±2V 560V±2V
Maximum continuous use current 100A
Discharge end voltage 180V±2V 270V±2V 350V±2V 440V±2V
Charging temperature 0℃~60℃ (Under 0℃ extra heating mechanism)
Operating temperature -20℃~60℃ (Under 0℃ work with reduced capacity)
Storage temperature -40℃~55℃@60%±25% relative humidity
Dimensions (mm) 630*185*930 630*185*1265 630*185*1600 630*185*1935
Weight Approx: 130kg Approx: 180kg Approx: 230kg Approx: 280kg
Protocol (optional) RS232-PC,RS485(B)-PC,RS485(A)-Inverter,Canbus-Inverter
Identified UN38.3, MSDS, UL1973(Cell), IEC62619(Cell)

Product Use

Using LiFePO4 battery, high quality battery with BMS intelligent lithium battery management system to protect the product more comprehensively.


Small and mobile

High-capacity multiple stacks to meet different needs