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  • Support for multiple communications and matching of multiple inverter communications.
  • Covering the 5-10kWh capacity range.
  • 4U standard rack-mounted battery design.
  • Convenient for connection and maintenance.

Technical Specifications

Model BC48-10 BC48-15 BC48-20 BC48-25 BC48-30
Nominal voltage 48V/51.2V(optional)
Capacity 200Ah 300Ah 400Ah 500Ah 500Ah
Energy 10kWh 15kWh 20kWh 25kWh 30kWh
Internal resistance ≤60mΩ
Cycle life ≥5000 cycles @80%DOD, 25°C, 0.5C
Design life ≥4000 cycles @80%DOD, 40°C, 0.5C
End-of-charge voltage 53V + 0.5V (15S); 56.0V + 0.5V (16S)
Maximum continuous use current 150A 200A 300A 300A 300A
Discharge end voltage 45V soil 1.0V (15S); 48V soil 1.0V (16S)
Charging temperature 0°C~60°C(Under 0°C extra heating mechanism)
Operating temperature ’-20°C-60C(Under 0°C work with reduced capacity)
Storage temperature -40°C~55°C@60%25% relative humidity
Dimensions (mm) 483*460*186 483*460*372 483*460*558 483*460*744 483*460*930
Weight Approx: 110kg Approx: 165kg Approx: 230kg Approx: 285kg Approx:340kg
Protocol (optional) RS232-PCR5485(B)-PCR5485(A)-Inverter,Canbus-Inverter
Number of parallel connections A maximum of 10 batteries can be connected in parallel


Simple Design

Stack battery 19inch cabinet-11

With a completely closed design, it can be installed in a variety of environments (machine rooms, utility rooms, corridors, etc.) without the need to make special investments in the construction of the machine room or ancillary facilities to save construction time.

Always Protected

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Most electronics failures are caused by dust in the air, which can coat battery components, cause short circuits, and stop fans from working. Place critical battery equipment in an enclosed space to prevent dust. The problem with that is that these devices generate a lot of heat, and because they are enclosed spaces, the internal temperature rises rapidly. Therefore, our cabinets are equipped with temperature control system and heat dissipation system.