The Best Portable Power Station For Power Outages

Winter often brings about extreme weather conditions, making power outages an unavoidable reality. Effectively managing these outages becomes a crucial consideration. Fortunately, with continual technological advancements, portable power sources have emerged as one of the ideal solutions to address power disruptions. The ETA ULTRA portable power station stands out prominently in this field.

Retractable Handle

The ETA ULTRA is a easily mobile portable power station designed with wheels and a retractable handle. The wheel and handle design facilitates effortless movement, allowing it to be conveniently placed at home, in vehicles, or during outdoor activities. Its portability ensures immediate access to power support, eliminating concerns about inconveniences caused by power outages.

Substantial Capacity

Featuring an impressive 2160 watt-hours (Wh) capacity, the ETA ULTRA provides substantial power backup. Its robust battery capacity sustains household appliances, electronic devices, and even some small tools for extended durations. Simultaneously, with a power output of 2000W, it can power over 95% of household appliances. During power outages, the ETA ULTRA offers reliable backup power, ensuring minimal disruption to your life and work.

Camera(16Wh)114 times
Phone(4000mAh)124 times
Drone(40Wh)46 times
ipad pro(29Wh)63 times
CPAP(40W)45 hours
Mini fridge(50W)36 hours
Power tools(600W)3 hours
Weed eater(1300W)1.4 hours
Elactric car(1800W)18.6 Km

Multiple Outlets

Equipped with an array of 15 outlets, including 4 AC outlets, 1 Type-C PD 100W output, 2 Type-C PD 65W outputs, 2 USB QC3.0 ports, 1 12.5V/8A carport, 4 USB-A outputs, and 1 wireless output, the ETA ULTRA offers versatile connectivity options for various devices.

Fast Charging

Fully Charged in 1.8 Hours The ENERNOVA ETA Ultra 2000W Portable Power Station features an AC fast charging plug, utilizing advanced technology for rapid full charges within 1.8 hours. This ensures swift restoration of uninterrupted power, making it ideal for camping trips or serving as a family emergency backup.

EPS and Bypass Function

With a robust 2000W and 2160Wh capacity, the Enernova power supply can reliably support devices with loads of 2500W or below. When plugged into the wall, connected devices draw power from the grid rather than its battery. During power outages, the Ultra swiftly switches to battery supply mode within 30 milliseconds, offering enhanced flexibility and convenience for your energy needs.


In summary, the ETA ULTRA is an outstanding portable power station, particularly adept at addressing power outage concerns. Whether for household living or outdoor adventures, the ETA ULTRA delivers stable and reliable power support, alleviating the inconveniences brought on by power interruptions, and enabling a more convenient lifestyle.

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