FVE series Off-Grid Inverter

Elevate your residential solar setup with ENERNOVA inverters, offering both off-grid and hybrid models. Trust in ENERNOVA for seamless power conversion in your home’s solar system.

5-6kW Load Power Inverter

  • Efficient:
    * Dual MPPT with up to 96% efficiency
    * Up to 18A PV input current perfect for high power module
  • Reliable:
    * Outputs high quality pure sine wave AC power
    * 5-6kW load power to meet the needs of most households
  • User-friendly:
    * Industrial design with a modern aesthetic look
    * Easy to install and simple to use
  • Safety:
    * 360 degree of security from hardware to software
    * EU safety approvals
  • All-in-one:
    * 60~500A PV array MPPT voltage range
    * Support for Li-ion battery BMS communication
  • Intelligent:
    * Exclusive Li-ion battery BMS dual activation
    * Time-slot function to save cost with peak-vallery tariff